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Privacy and confidentiality is very important to you as it is to me I ask you to rest assure any information that is discussed during sessions is private and taken very seriously with me, unless If I feel during any time that information given that may be a threat to ones life with permission to contact GP or authorities.

Contact me:

It’s really easy to get in contact either leave me a text with name and number, email or voice mail and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Frequently asked questions what is hypnotherapy? and will it cause me to think differently or be different?

The answer is yes! And no! The great thing about hypnotherapy is that you are in control of the session if at anytime during a session you feel you wish to stop that is absolutely fine! I always get asked if hypnotherapy is going change me as person? This is not the case hypnotherapy dose not work under “magical transformation” but the positive side to it is that it can help you to think and understand situations in calm and confident manner! And feel more at ease when making decisions... sounds great right?

And yes it really is great! Hypnotherapy allows you to be more in control of the subconscious mind making it easier for you to pass exams, deal with stress better, anxieties and the list goes on.
FAQ. Nanital Hypnotherapy Society

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