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Hello I’m Mica,

I want to help you to achieve the life you want to live. I am a qualified and immersive Hypnothearpist in the south west London area, I use a combination of techniques including CBT, NLP and positive thinking hypnotherapy to help you achieve your desired goals, whether that’s managing anxiety to changing the way view situations into positive thinking.
Hypnotherapy is being able to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences in a skilled professional safe environment, it is so important for you to find the right therapist for you! I am kind and considering individual that cares for the up most professional care, to help you make this decision I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation for you to decide.

A little bit about me I am a kind, caring and passionate individual that’s been happy to help others since having therapy myself, after my own journey of healing I decided that this was something that I really needed to achieve for others, so I decided to go back to university and make it my goal and chosen career path. Seeing the difference that therapy has made in my life and learning so much about myself I couldn’t think of a better experience than to help others on this same path, although I am still a young woman, I have a lot of life experience behind me so I have a large understanding based around grief, anxiety, depression, stress and positive turn around are my specialty.

The recent out break of Covid-19 is an incredibly difficult time for everyone due to these circumstances I will only be excepting phone calls and video calls for the time being, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or text as this is a very busy time, I am still offering flexible rates as I understand this has caused disruption to sessions-my sincere apologies for this.

My practice is within easy reach of London South west

I am experienced at treating conditions such as

Anger management
Stress management
Depression management
Fears and phobias
Self esteem
Pain relief
Breathing techniques
Sexual dysfunction
Sleep issues
Public speaking
Pain management
Loss and bereavement
Weight loss
Moving on from a relationship
Self shaming
Body confidence
Self love
Positive thinking

I am on an accredited register that has been accredited by the professional standards authority. The accredited register is set up by the government to improve the standards of safety for the benefits of the public.

I am a member of the Nanital Hypnotherapy Society, fully comply with their code of ethics. Full insurance with Howden.

Graduate of Chrysalis training courses.

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